How do I KNOW the election was stolen? That’s really easy…

Regardless of how complex everyone is trying to make this — a very simple, primitive psychological dead giveaway can be used to prove that it was stolen.

And that piece of evidence is as old as recorded time.

Behavior and responses do not line up.

In the story of Cain and Abel, when Cain was asked where his brother was — he got amazingly defensive… because he just murdered him.

The organic response from a position of innocence is not hyper-defensiveness.

One of the minor lessons in that text is that guilty people act in a way that is not congruent with having clean, sinless hands.

I don’t need to see forensic details. I don’t need to see the algorithms on the voting machines. I don’t need a signature verification in the recount to confirm what I already know. The Democrat machine stole the 2020 election.

How do I know it? Because they aren’t behaving like innocent people. They are behaving like a cheating spouse who has their phone locked and then makes some pathetic excuse as to why their concerned partner can’t look at it.

This isn’t complex. It’s actually quite instinctual. You can watch children do this. When children lie, they act contrary to what would be normal behavior. That’s how they get caught in a lie. The behavior and words and expressions are not consistent with a position of innocence.

The minute any challenge is made regarding voting integrity, the Democrats ferociously and vehemently RAGE with a unified voice that there is nothing to see. So says the cheating spouse that will not turn on their phone and show a partner their texts.

And like the cheating spouse, Democrats turn their animus on rightfully suspicious Trump voters and reference how dumb they are for not believing in the angelic character of an entity who has exhibited nothing but dubious, deceitful, and destructive behavior. Each piece of evidence is conveniently dismissed or explained away. There’s an inordinate amount of smoke, but there’s absolutely no fire — says the Democrat machine.

And there’s plenty of gaslighting going on to tell us that we really aren’t seeing what we are indeed seeing. The Democrat machine would have you believe that your eyes, ears, and good sense are all failing when it comes to this specific issue. All the testimonies are fake. All the voting spikes have explanations. All the covert behavior wasn’t actually covert behavior. All the video footage and pictures — in the hundreds — are all fakes.

To the Democrat Machine:

I don’t have the power to dethrone you.

But I know you cheated. I know you stole the election.

You may install Biden as the President. But a lot of us are smart enough to know that the guy you hate — Trump — actually won and whooped you in the Electoral College.

The Democrat machine is an entity comprised of liars and scumbags who could not win in a fair fight. No matter what else you take away from me — you will never be able to take that truth away. You lost. And you cheated to make it look like you didn’t.

I don’t care what you say. I don’t care how loud you say it. I don’t care how many times you say it or how many friends corroborate your fiction. I’m not stupid, deaf, or blind — and I’m never going to buy your B.S.

The one thing I know about a lie is that no matter how many times you tell it, you will always know inside yourself that it was a lie. So you never have the actual peace that comes with being legitimate.

I will forever look down on you as less-thans. It’s the political equivalent of having a small penis no matter how big and shiny your Corvette is.

Go suck on that for a while.



What do Batman, Megadeth, and ‘Merica all have in common? Like me — they were all born out rage-provoking injustice. I am the ANGRY RED BASTARD.

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What do Batman, Megadeth, and ‘Merica all have in common? Like me — they were all born out rage-provoking injustice. I am the ANGRY RED BASTARD.